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We're joined by some truly wonderful private practitioners from around Australia.

We're dedicated to sexual education, & part of that is highlighting other wonderful educators.

We believe that our sex-positive voices are stronger together.


As such, Eve & Lillith have also founded The Australian School of Sexuality (ASS),

a collective of affiliated sex educators offering juicy collabs & working together to create a world of more pleasure.


We held the inaugural ASSFEST in Sydney in September 2023,

and are bringing it to Melbourne in April of 2024.

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Sacred Primal Arts is not a high finance endeavour. It is a community project sustained by heart.


Nonetheless, in looking for ways to make impactful change and counterbalance the inherent evils of living within the corporate superstructure, we are choosing to donate a portion of ticket sales to charitable organisations we find trustworthy and important.  


We are committing 2.5% internationally.

Medecins Sans Frontieres are always where they are needed, regardless of politics. They serve life, and we support them.  


We are committing 2.5% nationally to Children’s Ground.

Sacred Primal Arts founder Eve X is Celt x First Nations. She feels a deep connection to this land, a deep sorrow for wisdom lost, and a deep awareness of her privilege as a white Australian. Our contribution to Children’s Ground is both a commitment to decolonisation, and a commitment to education as a core social value. 



We honour the lands upon which we live and practise.


We honour the earth, which holds and supports us.

We honour the air and water, which feed and nourish us.


We honour the custodians of this land; our ancestors;

and the teachers that have carried and shared knowledge before us.

Social Change
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