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Sacred Primal Arts was founded by Eve X & Sai Jaiden Lillith in 2023.


Both multi-disciplinary artists with diverse expertise in human sexuality,

Eve & Lillith offer this space for us all to learn the arts of the body, together.


Eve & Lillith also run a ritual theatre company, Infernal Desire Machine,

are founders of the Australian School of Sexuality,

and are raising a small human.





is a Shamanatrix, Bizarrlady, flesh artist & aerial performer.
An erotic guide, pornographer & activist,
Eve integrates eso
teric arts into experiences of ecstasy & ordeal.

A polyamorous, pansexual, genderfluid switch,
Eve is fascinated by power, desire & shame,

& the hidden wisdoms of the body.

A history of chronic pain led to an interest in
mindfulness & movement techniques.
Eve is a practitioner of Lomi Lomi Nui,
Shamanic Bodywork & Sacred Sexuality,

with a background in fine food & the knowledge industries.

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is a gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, educator,
creator of visual erotica, artist, Shibari addict & vocalist in ZCluster.

Known for their gorgeous & creative rope work & performances
and love of exploring taboo & transgression,
Sai has taught workshops at Sexpo, OzKinkFest,
sex worker groups & trained numerous private students.

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Mistress Danielle Rubber 2.png

has been a professional dominatrix

since 2010 & she loves her work.

She loves having kinky adventures around the world,

having previously performed in the

10th Montreal Fetish Weekend in Canada,

worked with Serious Bondage in San Francisco

& played professionally in London & Canada.

Danielle is a professional scuba dive-master & rescue diver;

this aided her to cultivate prudent BDSM play,

which she incorporates into her classes.

In Australia she has been teaching at the OzKinkFest festival for 4 years.

Her written work has been featured in Demasque, Red Pocket Press

(for queer POC) & Intro Room (SW pride fund raising).


In 2022 she performed at Dark Spark, kink play party ATOMICA

& hosted the spanking station at the

biggest queer party in Melbourne - Unicorn.

She was also one of the finalists for Miss Melbourne Rubber.


As a kinky queer poly person of colour,

she is devoted to facilitate a space that is

shame-free, ethical & playful for all gender expressions.

Her other interests are: cats, coffee & latex bondage.

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discovered kink a decade ago

& has been on a deep journey of discovery & exploration since.

Flogging came to his attention after attending Hellfire at Q-Bar,

making the personal connection that it could be far more of a

performance art & sensation play than just another form of impact.

Delving further into it, he found it difficult

to find appropriate & high quality equipment,

so set about building the right gear with the finest materials.

Today, James builds some of the finest, bespoke floggers available worldwide. Through his journey he has both practiced & taught

flogging techniques & skills to a wide range of clients,

from beginners, through to working professionals.





Jess orchestrates enchanting workshops that captivate attendees,

elegantly spotlighting their ability & boundless creativity.


Their intricate knowledge of shibari lies in a synthesis of artistry & immersive exploration of spiritual disciplines. Practicing & learning the art of shibari since 2016, she offers bespoke one-on-one sessions affording clients an experiential voyage that encompasses somatics, chakra energy play, aromatherpeutic sensations, resonant sound therapy & contemplative meditation.

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